Guide to Building Business Processes

WebLogic Integration's business process management (BPM) functionality enables the integration of diverse applications and human participants, as well as the coordinated exchange of information between trading partners outside of the enterprise. Business Processes allow you to orchestrate the execution of business logic and the exchange of business documents among back-end systems, users and trading partners (systems and users) in a loosely coupled fashion.

This guide introduces the tools in WebLogic Workshop that allow you to create Business Processes graphically, allowing you to focus on the application logic rather than on implementation details as you develop.

The first step in the design of your business process is to build a graphical representation of the business process that meets the business requirements for your project. You create a graph of component nodes in your business process by dragging components from the Business Process Palette and dropping them onto the Design View pane. Program control is represented visually by these nodes (or shapes) and the connections between them. Effectively, you create a graphical representation of your business process and its interactions with clients and resources, such as databases, JMS queues, file systems, and other components.

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