JCX Files: Extending Controls

Files with the extension JCX are WebLogic Workshop Java control extensions. They typically include a collection of method definitions that allow you to easily access a resource such as a database or another enterprise resource.

Note: In previous releases, JCX files were known as CTRL files. CTRL files are still supported.

Types of JCX Files

The contents of a JCX file depend on the type of control the file extends. JCX files can represent the following types of controls:

For more information on WebLogic Workshop's built-in controls, see Using WebLogic Built-In Controls.

Using Existing JCX Files

In some cases, you may use an existing JCX file that was produced by another member of your team or another organization. For example, if many web services will use the same database, a single author might create a Database control extension (JCX file) that describes the interface to the database. Then multiple web service authors might use that JCX file to create a Database Control in their service and use it to access the common database. The same situation can occur for all of the control types.

Generating a JCX File

Whenever you create a control while editing a web service or other container, WebLogic Workshop generates a JCX file to contain a local representation of the control. The following are examples of situations in which a JCX file will be generated:

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