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Download WebLogic Workshop Help for Offline Use

You can download the latest version of WebLogic Workshop Help for offline use. To download the zip file containing the latest help, click the following link (installation instructions provided below):

WebLogic Workshop Help Zip

What is Offline Use?

By default, WebLogic Workshop Help 8.1 SP4 displays help from the BEA documentation server. BEA constantly updates this server with the latest documentation. You can however, view this help offline. If you set help to the offline mode, WebLogic Workshop displays the help that you have installed on your local drive. To have the latest help available offline, you can download the above zip file.

If you are not sure in which mode you are working, go to WebLogic Workshop and select Tools-->IDE Properties. In the IDE Properties dialog, select Help in the lefthand panel. In the WebLogic Workshop Help Location, check to see whether WebLogic Workshop uses the BEA Documentation Server or the Local Disk to find the help files. If Local Disk is set, you are in offline mode.


To preserve the required hierarchy of the help folders, be sure to enable the "Use folder names" option in WinZip (or an equivalent tool) when unzipping the files.

You should also enable the "Overwrite Existing Files" option to ensure that you replace any previous versions of these files..

Installation Instructions

To install the latest help files on your local drive, download the above zip file. After the download completes, open the zip file and extract the contents to BEA_HOME\weblogic81\workshop\help.