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Upgrading Projects from Version 3.0

Starting with version 3.1, the BEA Workshop Studio group of products integrates the Web Tools Platform (WTP) plugin for project creation. This means that projects created in version 3.0 of the Workshop Studio group of products will not open in versions from 3.1 onward.

To convert projects from version 3.0, use the File > Switch Workspace to open the workspace containing version 3.0 projects. When the workbench opens, the AppXplorer view shows no projects.

Click Enable AppXRay on an Existing Project.

Click on the name of the project to convert it. Click OK to proceed. The project will be enabled for later versions of the product.

If there are several projects in the workspace, you can enable the other projects from the Package Explorer view, by right clicking on the project name and choosing Enable AppXRay.


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