Supported Platforms for BEA Workshop Studio™ Product Family Version 3.3

The BEA Workshop Studio group of products consists of:

All of these products are plugins to the Eclipse IDE framework and can be added to an existing Eclipse installation or installed as a standalone product with their own copy of Eclipse. If you install as a standalone product, the shipping versions of Eclipse and WTP are installed.

Workshop for JSP is available as a free download. Workshop for Struts and Workshop for JSF include Workshop for JSP. Workshop Studio includes the other three products.

Development Platform

All Workshop Studio products require the following minimum platform to run the IDE:

All Workshop Studio products ship with the following (recommended) platforms bundled:

All Workshop Studio products support iterative testing (debugging and deployment on servlet containers) with any of the following servers:

Workshop Studio can be used to work with any SQL database that has a JDBC driver, including:

Standards and Frameworks

All Workshop Studio products ship with the open source Spring IDE.

All Workshop Studio products incorporate Workshop for JSP which supports:

Workshop Studio and Workshop for Struts support:

Workshop Studio and Workshop for JSF support:

Workshop Studio also supports:

Unsupported Platforms

The following are not fully tested and supported by BEA. However customers have reported that they work correctly, with minor tweaks. For workarounds on unsupported platforms, check the Installation Instructions.


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