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Setting up Servers for Use Within the IDE

This topic explains how add a WebLogic server domain to the Workshop for WebLogic development environment, so that you can easily deploy, run, and test projects on the server.

This topic also explains how to add and remove individual projects from a server domain.

The topic is divided into two sections:

Defining a Server for use within the IDE

From the IDE perspective, a server is an link/pointer to a local WebLogic Server domain. You must define a server within the IDE in order to run and test your applications. If you try to run your application without first defining a server, you will be prompted to create a server in a series of dialogs similar to the steps below.

To define a server:

  1. Click File > New > Other. (Alternatively, right-click anywhere within the Servers view and select New > Server.)
  2. Expand Server, click Server from the expansion list, then click Next.

  3. Be sure that the BEA Systems, Inc node is expanded and BEA WebLogic v9.2 Server is highlighted.
    Click Next.

  4. Click the drop-down field Domain home and select the default Workshop for WebLogic server domain at the following location:


    This domain already contains all of the resources necessary to deploy and run Workshop for WebLogic applications. (Alternatively, you can use the Browse button to select a different server domain.)

    Click Finish.

    The new server definition will be added to the Server view.

Adding and Removing Projects from the Server

To add or remove projects from a server, on the Server view, right-click the target server, and select Add and Remove Projects.

The Add and Remove Projects dialog shows a list of project available for addition to the server. Select and move projects from the left column to add them to the server.

Servers will retain any deployed projects that were previously run on them, even once they have been turned off. Stopping and restarting the server does not remove previously deployed projects.

Projects in Workshop for WebLogic become J2EE modules on the server. If your current application includes projects with the same name as previously deployed projects, the previous application's project modules will remain on the server and potentially create conflicts with new projects/modules with the same name.

To remove previously added projects, move the project from the right column to the left column.

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When working with large applications, you may want to carefully manage file deployment to the server to improve performance. More advanced server management is described in Managing Servers.

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