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Oracle® Beehive Release Notes
Release 1 (1.4)

Part Number E13790-07
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8 Oracle Beehive Web Services Notes

This module contains the following type of information regarding Oracle Beehive Web Services:

Known Issues with Oracle Beehive Web Services

This section contains information on known issues with Oracle Beehive Web Services, and includes the following topic:

GeneralArtifactService Issues

GeneralArtifactService has the following issue:

  • Bug 6867374. The method getLinks does not work with filters.

MembershipService Issues

MembershipService has the following issue:

  • Bug 7383890. Oracle Beehive is unable to retrieve the user context of authenticated users with the MembershipService whoAmI() method. If you authenticate with Web Services and then try to retrieve the user's context with the whoAmI() method, the method returns a RemoteException error.

SAML Authentication Fails for Web Services

Bug 7517140. Attempts to authenticate users with SAML authentication through Web Services will result in errors.