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Oracle® Beehive Installation Guide
Release 1 (1.4) for Microsoft Windows (32-Bit)

Part Number E13792-02
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17 Oracle Beehive Post-Installation Procedures

Depending on the installation scenario you have chosen, your security requirements, the standards-based clients you want to use with Oracle Beehive, or any other issue particular to your deployment, perform one or more of the following procedures:

Using Oracle Beehive Command-Line Utility

Many of the following post-installation procedures use the Oracle Beehive command-line utility beectl. For more information about beectl, refer to "Oracle Beehive Command-Line Utility" in Oracle Beehive Administrator's Reference Guide.

Performing Post-Installation Procedures on Oracle Beehive Database

After successfully installing Oracle Beehive, refer to "Oracle Beehive Database Post-Installation Procedures" for tuning recommendations to perform on your Oracle Beehive database.