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Oracle® Beehive Installation Guide
Release 1 (1.4) for Solaris Operating System (SPARC 64-Bit)

Part Number E13793-02
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26 Configuring Single Sign-On with Oracle Beehive

This module describes how to register Oracle Beehive as a partner application with Oracle Single Sign-On (OSSO), which means that you may delegate the authentication function to the single sign-on server. Oracle Beehive. For more information, refer to Chapter 4, "Configuring and Administering Partner Applications in Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Administrator's Guide.

  1. In the _AuthenticationService component, set the property SsoType to osso, then activate the configuration:

    beectl modify_property
      --component _AuthenticationService
      -–name SsoType
      --value osso
    beectl activate_configuration
  2. Run the OSSO registration tool, <OSSO home>/sso/bin/ to register Oracle Beehive with the OSSO server:
      -oracle_home_path /private/oracle/appserver
      -config_mod_osso TRUE
    • oracle_home_path: Specify the installation directory of the Oracle product that comes with Oracle Single Sign-On (in this example, OSSO is installed in /private/oracle/appserver/sso.

    • site_name: Specify the host name (including domain) of your Oracle Beehive instance.

    • config_mod_osso: Specify TRUE so that a configuration file is generated.

    • mod_osso_url: Specify the host name and HTTP listening port of your Oracle Beehive instance. To determine the HTTP listening port, run the beectl list_ports command.

    • remote_midtier: You must specify this option because Oracle Beehive is installed in a different home than OSSO.

    • config_file: The specified configuration file will be created.

  3. Copy the configuration file you created in the previous step ( to <Oracle Beehive home>/Apache/Apache/conf/osso. Rename the file to osso.conf.

  4. In the _AuthenticationService component, set the property OssoConfigFile to <Oracle Beehive home>/Apache/Apache/conf/osso/osso.conf, activate the configuration, then commit changes:

    beectl modify_property
      --component _AuthenticationService
      -–name OssoConfigFile
      --value <Oracle Beehive home>/Apache/Apache/conf/osso/osso.conf
    beectl activate_configuration
    beectl modify_local_configuration_files