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Oracle® Beehive Licensing Information
Release 1 (1.4)

Part Number E13796-02
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1 Oracle Beehive Licensing

Oracle Beehive provides an integrated set of collaboration services delivered through standard protocol clients, integrated Web Services and familiar desktop tools such as Microsoft Outlook. Oracle Beehive allows IT to consolidate collaborative infrastructure and implement people-centric applications with a centrally managed, secure, and compliant environment built on Oracle technology.

Oracle Beehive License Package

Oracle Beehive includes the following features:

Package Included Functionality
Oracle Beehive Services for Mail, Calendar, Instant Messaging/Presence, Web and Voice Conferencing, Tasks, Documents, Team Workspaces, Search, Discussions; Web Services and Standard Protocol Access for E-mail, Instant Messaging/Presence, Calendar, Document Access; Co-Existence support for Microsoft Exchange, Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), Oracle Universal Records Management (URM), Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES); Integrated Client for Microsoft Outlook and Web; Mobile Messaging; Voicemail & Fax


This package includes restricted-use licenses of Oracle Database (Enterprise Edition), Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Application Server (Enterprise Edition), and Oracle BPEL Process Manager solely for the purpose of running Oracle Beehive.