This is a screen shot of the Create Alert Rule page. There are four tabs, Home, Audit Reports, Audit Policy, and Audit Status. Audit Policy is selected. There is text Database Instance, with this example Below that is text Create Alert Rule, and buttons Cancel and OK.

Below this are fields in this order, Alert*, Description, Alert Severity* with Warning showing, Audit Source Type, and Audit Event Category. The asterik (*) indicates Condition. Then there are options to Specify additional alert conditions in Basic or Advanced, with Advanced selected.

Next, there is the a field to enter the Advanced Alert Condition with this instruction. "Enter a valid Boolean condition under which an alert should be raised. You may use any of the constructs below. Please ensure that the condition is syntactically correct, that it contains only the attributes listed below, and that all values entered are valid."

After this entry field, appear the lists to Select an event to insert it in the condition and Select an attribute to insert it in the condition.