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Oracle® Real-Time Decisions Platform Developer's Guide

Part Number E13854-02
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Part I Getting Started

1 About Oracle Real-Time Decisions

2 Creating an Inline Service

3 Simulating Load for Inline Services

4 Enhancing the Call Center Inline Service

5 Closing the Feedback Loop

Part II Integration with Oracle RTD

6 About Integrating with Oracle RTD

7 Using the Java Smart Client

8 Using Java Smart Client JSP Tags

9 Using the .NET Smart Client

10 Web Service Client Example

11 Using the Oracle RTD PHP Client

Part III Decision Studio Reference

12 About Decision Studio

13 About Decision Studio Elements and APIs

14 Deploying, Testing, and Debugging Inline Services

15 About the Load Generator

Part IV Miscellaneous Application Development

16 Oracle RTD Batch Framework

17 Externalized Objects Management

A Development Error Messages

B Examples of Data Sources from Stored Procedures