Where can I get an example of installing Coherence*Web?

Attached to this page is an example Coherence*Web-enabled web application. The example includes an Ant build script that shows you how to install Coherence*Web appropriately for a Jetty, Resin, ServletExec, Sun ONE, Tomcat, WebLogic, or WebSphere web container. Simply unjar the attached JAR file and read the README.txt file for detailed usage instructions.

Update History:

11.16.2004: Fixed incorrect DefaultFactory class in WebSphere Coherence*Web descriptor.

2.7.2005: Added a Coherence v3.0-specific version that demonstrates the new 3.0 Web Installer features.

6.15.2005: Added WebSphere-specific coherence-web.xml file to work around WebSphere bug: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=480

11.29.2005: Updated JSPs to work with JDK 1.5.

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This information is also included in the README.txt file in the attached archive.


To build the test web application, you must have the following software installed:

You must also have a Java EE servlet container installed, and if necessary, you must have patched the servlet container libraries using the Coherence*Web Web Installer. See the Documentation section for container-specific installation instructions.

Build Instructions

  1. Update set-env.cmd (or set-env.sh if you are building on UNIX) to reflect your system environment.
  2. Update build.properties to reflect your build environment.
  3. Review the Coherence*Web configuration properties in the appropriate coherence-web.xml file for your J2EE servlet container. You can find the various coherence-web.xml files under src/web/META-INF.
  4. Open a command shell and execute set-env.cmd (or source set-env.sh if you are building on UNIX).
  5. Run ant build install.
  6. Deploy the session-managment.war file found under the build directory to your servlet container.

To remove build artifacts from your filesystem, run ant clean.


Please refer to the UserGuide.htm document found in your Coherence installation for detailed Coherence*Web installation instructions.

session-management.jar (application/octet-stream)