Why am I experiencing thread lockups on Linux?

There are known issues when running on Linux and using the Native POSIX Threads. Our customers have reported that by using the LinuxThreads threading library they have resolved any threading issues.

Information: http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/JavaTechandLinux/RedHat

The relevant environment settings are:


The other possible values for this variable are:

If 2.2.5 <= LD_ASSUME_KERNEL <= 2.4.0, use LinuxThreads compiled without FLOATING_STACKS

If 2.4.1 <= LD_ASSUME_KERNEL <= 2.4.19, use LinuxThreads compiled with FLOATING_STACKS

If LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is not set, NPTL is used.

The FLOATING_STACKS option allows a thread to use more of 2Mb of stack.

If you are running with BEA JRockit please see http://www.oracle.com/technology/community/welcome-bea/index.html for related issues.

Be sure to consult the Production Checklist appendix as well.