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Handling Errors for ASIs

The SOAP fault message returns any errors for inbound and outbound ASIs.

Errors for Inbound ASIs

The SOAP fault block returns any inbound error messages, as defined by the SOAP 1.1 specification. The faultcode contains either a Client or Server value, and the faultstring contains a description of the error. The error message <siebel:errormsg> details the problems with the request. The information in the SOAP fault block can be extracted and displayed to the user.

The following XML shows an example of a fault message.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<?Siebel-Property-Set EscapeNames="false"?>
<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="">


   <SOAP-ENV:Fault xmlns:siebelf="">


        Supplied input is not well formed or does not contain the
        expected data.

        <siebelf:errorsymbol />

        <siebelf:errormsg>Supplied input is not well formed
              or does not contain the expected data.



        <siebelf:errormsg>XML Hierarchy Converter error - empty
           input message, expecting an XML document in <Value> of
           input arguments



Errors for Outbound ASIs

If an error occurs during an outbound ASI that has been exposed as a Web service, the business service raises the error and returns the SOAP fault message as the output method argument, soap:fault, for the application to process. The error is represented as an XML hierarchy property set.

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