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Creating Contents List Items

Use the following procedure to create contents list items.

This task is a step in Process of Creating an Advisor Contents List.

To enter contents list items in Advisor

  1. Navigate to Administration - Product > Advisor Projects > My Projects.
  2. Select a project.
  3. On the Contents Lists tab, select the contents list and, in the Editor form, click New.

    A new row appears.

  4. Enter the sequence in which the item appears in the contents list.
  5. Enter a level for the contents list item.

    The level determines the location of the item in the contents list hierarchy. Number 1 represents the outermost level, the number 2 a level indented below that, and so on. Use the number 0 to create a blank entry (vertical space) between items.

  6. Enter a label for the contents list item.

    The label defines the text of the item in the contents list of the browser-based application. You can include standard HTML in the Label cell to format the text of the item.

  7. In the Link To field, enter the pageset to open when a user clicks the contents list item.

    Use the syntax Project|Pageset ID. If the pageset belongs to the current project, use the syntax Pageset ID. You can also enter a URL to link to a URL.

  8. Enter the image location.

    Use image location only for level 1 entries in a contents list table. Image location points to an image that appears in the Image Location area frame when the mouse pointer hovers over the entry in the contents list. Use a path relative to the pg directory when entering the image file name.

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