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Viewing Account Credit Profiles

If your organization uses a back-office application or another external credit management application to store customer credit information, you can use the Credit Profile read-only view to get the most current account credit profile information.

The Accounts screen's Credit Profile view allows you to improve employee productivity by providing visibility to complete customer information within your Siebel application, and streamlines the quote-to-cash process by allowing the sales professional to identify potential credit problems early.

This procedure assumes that your Siebel administrator has completed the work necessary to allow real-time account integration through Application Service Interfaces (ASI). For information about how to set up the Web services administration to communicate with the external application, ASI structures, configuring and customizing the ASI, see Application Services Interface Reference and Integration Using ASIs.

To view account credit profile information

  1. Navigate to Accounts, Accounts List, then Credit Profile.
  2. Query the Account Name field for the account with the credit profile that you want to view, and then click the Credit Profile view tab.

    The Credit Profile form appears and includes information about credit status, risk category, credit limit, and so on.

    Fields in this form are read-only, except for Skip Credit Check and Credit Auto Approval Limit. For more information about how to use these fields, see Siebel Order Management Guide.

  3. Click Refresh to update the information in the Credit Profile form.
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