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Using an Activity Plan (End User)

An activity plan defines the activities needed to implement a project or goal, or to resolve issues that frequently occur. For example, if a service-oriented activity plan is associated with a service request, the plan might include a standard set of activities required to resolve the SR.

Activity plans use activity templates that establish the list of activities to be completed. Activity templates, created by administrators, can have various levels of details pertinent to each member of a team, such as requisitioning parts and tools, steps involved in the service activities, or special directions or instructions.

After an agent chooses an activity plan, the steps are in place to help diagnose and resolve the customer's issues, and the agent can move to the next customer call. Either Assignment Manager or an administrator can assign the activities to the appropriate users.

This task is a step in Process of Administering and Using Activity Plans.

To create activities associated with an activity plan

  1. Navigate to the Service Requests screen, then the Service Request List view.
  2. In the Service Request list, select the service request, and drill down on the SR # (number) field.
  3. Click the Activity Plans view tab.
  4. In the Activity Plans list, create a record, and in the Template field, select the appropriate activity template for the service request.
  5. In the Planned Start field, enter the start date and time for activities related to the service request.
  6. Save the Activity Plan.

    Activities associated with the plan are automatically generated and appear in the Activities view.

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