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About Forms Integration

Government agencies generate paper documents for record-keeping purposes when processing applications, such as those for immigration, citizenship, and visas. These documents might include letters to applicants and standardized forms with a precise layout that must be maintained. Forms and letters might be issued on preprinted paper stock, such as with visas. You can use data from Siebel Business Applications to populate these forms and letters.

Siebel Business Applications provide preconfigured Web services-based integration with Adobe Forms Server and Adobe Designer software. This integration uses data captured in Siebel Business Applications to generate PDF forms. For example, users can extract contact data within an application such as Siebel Call Center, and populate the appropriate fields in a standard PDF application form.

The data for the form can come from the primary business component of a record, or any child business components. The available forms are those that are associated with the primary business component. The Siebel application uses a search specification to select a particular record from a child business component. For example, the Siebel application can select the primary contact associated with a case record.

Users can also generate multiple populated PDF forms at one time. The user selects multiple records, then generates the forms. A PDF form is generated for each record, and is added to each record as an attachment. You can then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, print, edit, email, and save the document.

Administrators can use drag-and-drop functionality in Adobe Designer to map the data from Siebel Business Applications to fields in an Adobe PDF form. Administrators can also specify the text style (font), size, justification, and word wrapping for each field in the form, or choose to use the default style settings.

In Siebel Business Applications, the Forms Administration view provides a list of forms available in the Siebel application. The available date and expiration date of each form determines the availability of the form to users, and provides version control.

NOTE:  In outbound forms integration, form fields are populated from the data in Siebel Business Applications. In inbound forms integration, the data in Siebel Business Applications is populated from form fields.

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