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Scenario for Using and Administering Assessments

This topic gives one example of how assessments might be used. You might use assessments differently, depending on your business model.

A sales organization has adopted a new sales methodology to improve the effectiveness of its salespeople. The business analyst has provided the administrator with a detailed document describing the sales method.

Because the salespeople have too many opportunities to deal with at once, they prioritize their opportunities. To help them prioritize, the business analyst has created a standardized assessment document that he recommends all salespeople use to rank their opportunities. The outline of assessment document looks as follows:

Assessing a Lead at the Qualification Stage

> Attribute 1: Adaptability to New Technology, weight = 5

Attribute 2: Number of potential users, weight = 7

0 to 50, score = 0, Too small

51 to 100, score = 1, Route to telesales

101 to 500, score = 2, Route to middle market

more than 500, score = 6, Pursue aggressively

Attribute 3: Sponsor's stance, weight = 10

Adversarial, score = -5, Strongly against us

Weak, score = 0, Neutral or slight favor another vendor

Moderate, score = 5, Willing to recommend our product

Strong, score = 10, Believes we are the best choice

> Attribute 4: Lead's purchase profile and history, weight = 5

The administrator uses the information in this document to create an assessment template associated with the qualification stage. When a salesperson reaches the qualification stage of the deal, the Assessments view for that opportunity is automatically populated with the questions that need answers to assess and prioritize the opportunity.

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