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Scenario for Managing Competitors

This topic gives one example of how competitor management might be used. You might use competitor management differently, depending on your business model.

A sales representative logs into the Siebel Sales application and discovers a newly qualified opportunity. He navigates to the Competitors view to review the competition for the opportunity. One competitor is listed for the deal. The sales representative is not familiar with the company and drills down on the Name field for the competitor to learn more.

In the Company Comparisons view, the representative can view a side-by-side comparison of his company and the competitor's company as well as comparison of products. He can access competitive intelligence documents compiled by his company about this competitor, and the literature items that the competitor has published.

A colleague in Telesales calls the sales representative and indicates that there is a new competitor trying to win the deal. The sales representative adds the new competitor to the opportunity to allow the sales team to research the new competition.

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