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About D&B Data

D&B is a leading provider of business information. D&B's information and technology solutions help businesses find profitable customers, reduce credit risk, manage receivables, and manage vendors. D&B's database of commercial information consists of over 75 million records world wide.

For connected users, you can use your Siebel application to integrate with D&B data and reports. As a mobile client, you can access D&B data for accounts and contacts that have been promoted from D&B marketing data.

This integration allows you to:

  • Use D&B marketing data within your Siebel application.
  • Access D&B business and credit reports from within your Siebel application.

You can use this D&B data to support the following:

  • New Business or Customer Acquisition. By querying on company size, line of business, and other criteria provided by D&B, you can generate lists of prospects to add to the sales pipeline or to support outbound marketing programs. By using the D&B corporate family linkage information, you can identify new prospects and opportunities within a company's extended family.
  • Customer Segmentation and Penetration. You can profile specific market segments such as geography, industry, size, and other criteria to identify untapped opportunities or better align sales territories.
  • Customer Qualification. Use your access to D&B business and credit reports to obtain detailed background and risk information about a company to focus sales efforts on higher-probability accounts and shorten the sales cycle.
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