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Sharing Literature Through eBriefings

Siebel eBriefings are personalized pages that combine information from the Siebel database, such as links with a user's new opportunities or new service requests, with background information about businesses the user works with. The user can choose which customer accounts and competitors to track, and information about those businesses appear in the Account Briefing and Competitor Briefing view of that user's eBriefings screen. You can include links to literature about the account or competitor.

To share literature through eBriefings, you can associate it with Accounts, Competitors, Industries, or Products. For more information about Briefings, see Siebel Briefings Administration Guide.

To share literature through eBriefings

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Document screen, then the Literature view.
  2. In the Literature list, select a literature record or create a new literature record.
  3. If you want to display the literature in Account Briefings, in the More Info Accounts field, select the accounts with which the literature is associated. The users who are tracking that account see the literature item in the Account Briefing.
  4. If you want to display the literature in Competitor Briefings, in the More Info form's Accounts field, select the competitors with which the literature is associated. Users must track that competitor for it to appear in Competitor Briefing.
  5. In the Release Date field, enter the first date when the literature appears in briefings. Literature associated with products or industries appears in My Briefing if the user tracks those products and industries.
  6. In the Expiration Date field, enter the last date that you want the literature to appear in briefings.
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