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Configuring Message Broadcast Caching

The following task describes how to configure your Siebel Business Applications to take advantage of message broadcast caching.

NOTE:  Message Broadcast administration is not supported on Mobile Web Clients when message broadcasting caching is enabled. Make additions, edits, and deletions to the Message Broadcasts list only when connected to the server.

To configure message broadcast caching

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen, then the Enterprises view.
  2. From the Enterprise Servers list, select the enterprise server that runs the Siebel application with message broadcasting settings you want to modify.
  3. Click the Component Definitions view tab, then select a component with a Component Type value of Application Object Manager.
  4. Select the Application Enable Message Broadcast Cache parameter in the Component Parameters subview, and type TRUE in the Value field.

    For details on how to configure the server component, or Siebel Application Object Manager, parameters, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

    NOTE:  The default value for the Application Message Broadcast Cache Size parameter is 100. You probably do not need to increase this value. The minimum cache size is the ratio [refresh rate for the message bar or notification pane] / [message update interval]. For example, if the refresh rate every 120 seconds and the message update interval is every 10 seconds, set the cache size parameter to at least 12.

  5. Enable message broadcast caching for Developer Web Clients (if any). Add or edit the EnableMsgbroadcastCache parameter in the [Siebel] section in your Siebel application's CFG file as follows:

    EnableMsgbroadcastCache = TRUE

  6. If you use any workflow policy that contains a workflow policy program with the Send Broadcast Message type, then activate the Check New Broadcasted Message workflow policy, which belongs to the Siebel Messaging policy group.

    The Check New Broadcasted Message policy monitors the S_BRDCST_MSG table and invokes the Notify Broadcasted Message workflow process to broadcast any new message added to the table. For information about how to activate workflow policies, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

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