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Sending a Message Using Email (End User)

You can send email messages to the recipient from within Siebel application. The recipient either can be inside or outside your corporate firewall because the Siebel application uses the email address associated with the contact information for the recipient. After you create a message and complete the necessary fields, you can send the message as an email. For information about standard email functionality within Siebel Business Applications, see Siebel Fundamentals.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up and Using Messages.

To send an email message

  1. Navigate to the Messages screen.
  2. In the Messaging list, select the message to send as an email message.
  3. From File menu, select Send Email.
  4. In the Send Email dialog box, complete the fields for the email.

    In the email form, click To to display the Address Book dialog box.

  5. Click Send.
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