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Scenario for Setting Up Messages

This topic gives one example of how message setup might be used. You might use message setup differently, depending on your business model.

A corporation has hired four new sales representatives. The Siebel administrator must set up message functionality for these new employees. The administrator sets up accounts for each new sales representative and checks to make sure that the Communications Management and the Workflow Management component groups are enabled.

Next, the administrator activates the Messages workflow policies and the Siebel Message Send Email and Siebel Message Send Email for Activity Owner workflow processes.

The administrative assistant for the sales representatives receives a message for a sales representative, either by phone or by voice mail. Instead of writing the message out by hand, the administrative assistant enters the message in the Messages screen and assigns the message to the sales representative.

The administrative assistant associates the message with an existing account, adds information in the Comments field, and attaches a spreadsheet file to the message. The administrative assistant then prioritizes the message and send it either as an email or a screen alert.

By default, a message is marked private, and only the administrative assistant and sales representative can review the message. The administrative assistant can alternatively choose not to mark the message private, and then any individual with access to the account, activity, contact, opportunity, or service request associated with the message can view it.

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