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Using Global Integration to Add New D&B Accounts

After a D&B Global Integration access is set up by your administrator, you can access D&B real-time within your Siebel application and enter criteria to locate new accounts in the D&B database. Search criteria can include the business name with state or province and country information, D&B D-U-N-S number, local business ID, and telephone number.

When you execute a search for new D&B accounts, the search criteria is sent to D&B's Global Integration, along with the user's D&B account name and password. When D&B receives the information, Global Integration automatically uses the criteria to select the single best search method to execute. D&B calculates the criteria matches and returns the number to Siebel. If there are no matches for the criteria, the requestor is notified.

At this point, you can opt to purchase the account information, or cancel the Global Integration search process. If an account is purchased, data received from D&B is added to the Siebel D&B tables and is available in D&B All Accounts view.

NOTE:  If the selected account already exists in your Siebel D&B database, the account is not purchased.

To initiate D&B's Global Integration search

  1. Navigate to the D&B screen, then the D&B Accounts List view.
  2. Click Search D&B for New Account.
  3. In the Search D&B dialog box, complete the fields for the query.

    You must enter sufficient data to initiate a query in the United States. For example, in the Search D&B form you can enter the business name, state or province, and country name, the D-U-N-S number and country name, the local business ID and country name, or the phone number and country name. If you enter only the business name, the search fails because the data is insufficient.

    The Search D&B query fields are described in the following table.


    Business Name

    Type the business name and type or select the address information. The business name and address search is the most commonly used search method. At a minimum, the business name and country must be included. For Canadian businesses, the province must also be included.

    When you are searching for a business by name, do not use wildcard characters (*) for unknown characters in the name.

    Additional information such as town, street address, and postal code, can be included to increase the chances of finding an exact match.

    Street Address



    Country Name

    ZIP Code

    DUNS #

    Type a known D&B D-U-N-S number to verify the identity of a business. The D&B D-U-N-S number must contain only nine numeric characters (no spaces, dashes, and so on). If you type a value in this field, you must also select a value in the Country Name field.

    Local Business ID

    Type a value for the local business identifier. Many countries have their own numbering schemes to identify local businesses. Normally, this scheme is a government-sponsored schema for the purpose of business registration and tax filing.

    The local business ID submitted in a search must contain only numeric characters (no spaces, dashes, and so on). If you type a value in this field, you must also select a value in the Country Name field.

    D&B Global Integration supports searching by the following local business identifiers.




    Germany-Hr. Number

    Ireland-Company House


    Netherlands-KvK Nr



    Sweden-Company House

    United Kingdom-Company House

    Phone #

    Type the telephone number as dialed from within the country, including the area code or city code if required. Do not include the international long distance code (country code).

    For example 9086655000 for a search in New Jersey, US; 9055686000 for a search in Ontario, Canada; 01494422000 for a search in High Wycombe, England; 0104009400 for a search in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    The telephone number must contain only numeric characters (no spaces, dashes, and so on).

  4. After you have entered the criteria, click Search D&B.
  5. In the Search D&B list of results, select an account, and then click Purchase.

    Click Refine Query to modify the query criteria. Click Cancel to return to the D&B Accounts list without purchasing.

    The purchased account is highlighted in the D&B Accounts list.

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