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Generating Reports That Contain Signatures

An ActiveX control is used to capture and display the signature of the user. The ActiveX control converts the signature to a long string of numbers, and the string is stored in the Siebel database. If you want to display a signature in a report, you must use a Java object.

To display signatures in reports

  1. Make sure that the report server is configured correctly, as follows:
    • Check that the server has the correct version of Java Runtime. For more information about which is the correct version, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

      NOTE:  For Siebel CRM product releases and later and for and later, the system requirements and supported platform certifications are available from the Certification tab on My Oracle Support. For information about the Certification application, see article 1492194.1 (Article ID) on My Oracle Support.

    • Copy the files InkToolsLib.jar and iSignBmp.jar to drive_letter:\Program Files\Java\version_number\lib\ext. For example, if the report server uses Java Runtime 1.4.2, you might copy the files to C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_04.
    • Add both of the files InkToolsLib.jar and iSignBmp.jar to the CLASSPATH environment variable. Include the full path to both files, for example, C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_04\InkToolsLib.jar.
  2. Restart the report server.
  3. Locate the source files for the Siebel Life Sciences Signature Capture Audit Report, which is supplied with your Siebel application.

    The names of the source files are:

    • LS_SIGNAD.rox
    • LS_SIGNAD.rod

      The report references a Java object to convert the signature into an image file. This image file is saved into a temporary file path that the report creates, and then the image is added to the report at run time.

      This Java object is supported by a Java class which is supplied with your Siebel application. The file that contains the class is iSignBmp.jar. You can find this file in the same location as the file LS_SIGNAD.rox.

  4. Review the techniques used in the Siebel Life Sciences Signature Capture Audit Report, and apply the techniques to your signature report.
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