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Connecting the Word Template to Siebel EAI

Before you can connect a Word template to the Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) component, you must make sure that particular conditions are met. For more information about these requirements, see Requirements for Connecting Templates to Siebel EAI.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Word Web Service.

To connect the Word template to Siebel EAI

  1. In Word, open the document template.
  2. Choose File, then Properties.
  3. Click the Custom tab.
  4. Create custom properties with values in the following table.
    Custom Property


    ServerName/eai_language, where ServerName is the name of your server, and language is the language of the Siebel Application Object Manager.

    Include the DNS name of the server. For example, if your server name is abcdef, and your domain name is, type in this field.


    http or https


    port_number, where port_number is the number of the port you want to use. Typically, this number is 80.

  5. Save the document template.
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