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Modifying a List of Values

CAUTION:  Use caution when modifying lists of values that are part of the seed data. Modifying some list-of-values fields that are used programmatically by the Siebel application can adversely impact standard Siebel functionality. However, you can modify the Display Value field without affecting standard Siebel functionality both when the list is a multilingual list of values (MLOV) and when it is a standard list of values.

Modifying some lists of values can adversely impact standard Siebel functionality:

  • Do not change the Language Independent Code values for lists of values because the internal Siebel application uses the Language Independent Code field.
  • Some lists of values are for use only by the internal Siebel application. Do not modify these lists of values. For example, the list-of-values SOURCE_TYPE (Internal) and list-of-values types that begin with REPOSITORY, WFR, or WF in the Type field name are for internal use only.
  • Some list-of-values modifications can have unwanted results. For example, changing all lists of values in the Siebel application to uppercase or changing the Language Independent Code from the Siebel standard can result in values not appearing or appearing improperly.

NOTE:  Modifying a Display Value field does not automatically update records that have been populated with the old value. For example, if you change Ms. to Miz in the Display Value field, Miz show up in the drop-down list, but all contact records that were previously entered with Ms. in the Personal Title field still have Ms. in the Personal Title field.

To modify a value in a drop-down list, you must know its display value and type. You can find out the type by querying the list-of-values list for a specific display value. For example, if you must make a change to the value 1-ASAP in the Priority drop-down list in the Activities screen, you could do so using the following steps. For more information about multilingual lists of values (MLOVs), see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

To modify an item in a list of values

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen, then the List of Values view.
  2. Click the menu button, and then choose New Query.
  3. Enter the Display Value for the record you want to change in the Display Value field.

    For example, you might enter the value 1-ASAP.

  4. Click the menu button, and then choose Run Query.

    A list of records appears that includes the display value that you entered. More than one record can appear, and the records can have different types.

  5. In the list of records, select the record that you want to modify, and make the change.
  6. To see the list-of-values modification in the Siebel application, click Clear Cache.

    For instructions about how to clear the cache, see Clearing the Cache.

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