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Importing and Exporting iHelp Items

iHelp items can be exported and imported as XML files.

Export and import iHelp items to:

  • Move iHelp items from one database to another database, for example when upgrading.
  • Create backups of iHelp items.

You cannot move iHelp items between different types of Siebel repositories. For example, you cannot export from a Siebel Call Center application to a Siebel Automotive application. In general, make sure that all the Siebel Business Applications, screens, and views referenced in the exported item are available in the repository where the item is imported.

This task is a step in Process of Administering iHelp.

To export an iHelp item as an XML file

  1. Navigate to the Administration - iHelp screen, then the All iHelp Items view.
  2. In the iHelp Items list, select an iHelp item.

    CAUTION:  Make sure that the name of the item does not contain any special characters such as colons or quotation marks.

  3. From the menu button, choose Export iHelp Item Definition.

Importing an iHelp Item

Complete the following procedure to import an iHelp item.

To import an iHelp item

  1. Navigate to the Administration - iHelp screen, then the All iHelp Items view.
  2. From the menu button in the iHelp Items list, choose Import iHelp Item Definition.
  3. Browse for the iHelp item XML file and click Import.

    If an iHelp item of the same name already exists, the imported iHelp item is imported as a new version of the item.

    After import, the iHelp Items list is filtered to show only the newly imported item.

    CAUTION:  Responsibility information and access group information are not exported or imported.

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