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About iHelp

iHelp is real-time step-by-step instruction that helps users complete tasks within the Siebel application. iHelp is best used to provide instruction to first time or occasional users. For information about how to use iHelp, see Siebel Fundamentals. For information about Application Deployment Manager (ADM) and iHelp, see Siebel Application Deployment Manager Guide.

NOTE:  iHelp might not be appropriate for enforcing standards, because users are free to follow or not follow any given step. For information about how to standardize user behavior, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Task UI Guide.

About iHelp and Standard-Interactivity Mode

iHelp instructions can be used in both standard-interactivity and high-interactivity mode. However, high-interactivity mode is required to create and administer iHelp items.

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