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Assignment Rule Administration for Delegated Assignment

This chapter explains how to delegate assignment rules to others, and how others can inherit and further define these delegated rules. The tasks explained in this chapter are for delegated administrators (DAs), and as such, the procedures are documented using the Administration - Delegated Assignment screen and views.

The topics in this chapter are organized to present information in a sequence roughly corresponding to the order in which you are likely to be concerned with the subjects described when using delegated assignment. However, your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements for using Siebel Assignment Manager.

This chapter includes the following topics:

NOTE:  Although the procedures in this chapter are written for the Administration - Delegated Assignment screen and views, you can also perform many of these same operations using the Rule Group Explorer views in the Administration - Assignment screen.

CAUTION:  Before performing the tasks in this chapter, familiarize yourself with the assignment administration tasks explained in Assignment Rule Administration. Otherwise, you may find the procedures difficult to follow.

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