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Registering a Warranty Policy Manually

This topic describes how to register a warranty policy manually. After the warranty policy is registered, all of the warranty programs that apply to the vehicle are added to the policy. Policy numbers are automatically generated by Siebel Automotive and are unique identifiers of the warranty as it applies to a specific vehicle. A vehicle might have many warranty policies, but a warranty policy number is associated with only one vehicle.

To register a warranty policy to a vehicle in the Vehicle screen

  1. Navigate to the Vehicle screen, then the Vehicle view.
  2. Search for the vehicle from which you want to retrieve the applicable warranty programs.
  3. Drill down on the value in the VIN (vehicle identification number) field.
  4. Click the Warranty view tab, and click Get Warranty.

To register a warranty policy to a vehicle in the Administration - Service screen

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Service screen, then the Warranty Policies view.
  2. Select the warranty policy you want to register.
  3. Select Registered from the Policy Status drop-down list.
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