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About Siebel Web Services

A Web service is a discrete piece of business logic, located somewhere on the Internet, which is accessible through Internet protocols. It is distinguished by the following:

  • It is specified using Web Services Description Language (WSDL).
  • It contains data represented in Extensible Markup Language (XML) and defined by XML Schema.
  • It is transported by Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), an XML-based transport protocol.

Web Service as a Server-Side Service

A Web service is considered a server-side service if the following are true:

  • It is the basis for interoperable, heterogeneous applications.
  • Its interface is defined by XML (XML Schema and WSDL).
  • Makes available coarse-grained, loosely-coupled operations on document-structured data.
  • It is independent of underlying implementation.
  • It is accessible through open standard protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, or JMS.

Web services are all of the following:

  • A delivery mechanism for integrating loosely coupled software components.
  • Delivered over standard Internet technologies.
  • Rooted in:
    • Interoperability
    • Standards
    • XML
    • Coarse-grained exposure of functionality
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