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Creating IAA Internal Integration Objects

The internal integration object has the hierarchy of Siebel business object and business components as well as the fields. It maps to the objects in Siebel application and is created using Integration Object Builder in Siebel Tools. This internal integration object is required in order to facilitate the FINS IAA-XML Transaction Manager to package the data gathered. This service will gather the data needed for a particular message and package it into the hierarchy defined in the internal integration object.

To create IAA Internal Integration Objects

  1. Create envelope and external integration objects. For details, see To Create Integration Object and To create IAA external integration objects.

    After you build these integration objects and click Next on the last dialog box, the dialog box for building internal integration object appears.

    You can either select an existing integration object from the picklist on the FINS IAA Wizard Service or click Next to build a new internal integration object.

  2. Pick the appropriate Business Object to build your internal request integration object and give a unique and meaningful name to your internal integration object.
  3. For the internal response integration object you can either use the same internal request integration object or have the wizard build you a separate integration object by choosing a business object from the picklist and providing a meaningful name for you internal response integration object. In this illustration the same internal integration object is used.
  4. Click Next to move to the next dialog box to select the components for your integration object.
  5. Deselect any of the component listed on this dialog box to ignore that component. If you do not include a component, you will be unable to integrate data for that component between the Siebel Financial Services applications and another system.

    NOTE:  Any component that has a plus sign (+) next to it is a parent in a parent-child relationship with one or more child components. If you deselect the parent component, the children below that component are deselected as well. You cannot include a child component without also including the parent. The Integration Object Builder enforces this rule by automatically selecting the parent of any child you choose to include.

  6. Click Next for the wizard to build the integration object.
  7. Click Yes on the message your receive to confirm your desire to build this integration object.

    The wizard start building the integration object and then displays error or warning messages generated during the process. Review the messages and take the appropriate action to address them.

  8. Click Finish to complete the process of creating a new Siebel integration object.
  9. Your new integration objects appear in the list of integration objects in Siebel Tools.
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