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About Generating Proposals

A proposal is an offer to sell products or services with specific terms and conditions. Even a simple proposal consists of several sections such as a cover letter, an executive summary, and a price quotation.

Using proposal templates that the administrator creates, sales representatives can create, modify, and print proposals for an opportunity by using the Proposals view of the Opportunities screen.

A proposal uses the details you record about an account or opportunity and combines the details with a predefined template to create a document tailored to the customer needs. The template defines the initial formatting and structure of the proposal, and can include predefined components, such as text, tables, and diagrams that address specific issues. You can also set up a template to include files from the Proposal Library, such as files that contain product descriptions and standard terms and conditions.

After generating a proposal, you can modify it to meet the customer needs by changing the order of the documents and adding documents from the Proposal Library. When the proposal is complete, you can print it.

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