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Testing Your EAI Dispatch Service Using Argument Tracing

You should use the Business Service Simulator to test your EAI Dispatch Service before using it in your production environment. You can use argument tracing to write the input and the output of the EAI Dispatch Service as XML.

NOTE:  For details on how to use the Business Service Simulator, see Integration Platform Technologies: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration.

To use the EAI dispatch service argument tracing

  1. Set the server parameter EnableServiceArgTracing to true.
  2. Set the appropriate event level for EAIDispatchSvcArgTrc on your server component:
    • Event level 3. Leads to input arguments being written out when errors occur.
    • Event level 4. Leads to both input and output being written out.

      If arguments are written out, there will be a trace log entry indicating the filename in the log directory. The filenames will have the following form:

    service name_input or output_args_a big number.dmp

    For example:


    NOTE:  To open the file in a XML editor, you can rename the extension to XML.

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