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Example 2: Resolving the Foreign Key for Position Division

The table S_ORG_EXT is used to store the Account records and the internal Division records. The user key of S_ORG_EXT consists of the columns NAME, LOC, and BU_ID. For Division records, BU_ID always references Default Organization.

During an EIM run, in order to identify the foreign key S_POSTN.OU_ID, EIM needs information about the user key columns of S_ORG_EXT. The foreign key S_POSTN.OU_ID points to Division records in S_ORG_EXT. So the division's NAME, LOC, and Default Organization should be used to resolve the OU_ID.

NOTE:  S_POSTN also has a foreign key BU_ID which may or may not reference Default Organization. This BU_ID is not to be confused with the BU_ID in the user key of S_ORG_EXT. Do not use it together with the division's NAME and LOC to resolve S_POSTN.OU_ID; doing this can result in failure if the BU_ID references organizations other than Default Organization.

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