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Creating an Account in Siebel Energy (End User)

You can enter detailed information about customers in an account. After adding accounts in Siebel Energy, end users can contribute information for tracking customer service, processing requests, viewing agreements, and so on.

Adding an Account Record

To add an account record in Siebel Energy, follow this procedure.

To add an account record

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, then the Accounts List view.
  2. Add a record, and complete the necessary fields in the record and the More Info form. To access more fields, click the show more button in the form.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Type a description of the location or function of the account, such as headquarters, corporate, or San Francisco.

    Account Team

    Select the user ID of the team for the account. This field determines who can access information about the account.

    Account Class

    Select the class for the account. Account classes distinguish an account within an account hierarchy when dividing accounts into billing or service accounts. The Billing Account Explorer and Service Account Explorer views filter using this field. Also, account classes determine the accounts available for association in the Quotes and Entry views.

    Select a value of Customer in this field when you create a residential customer account. For more information about account classes, see About Accounts in Siebel Energy.


    Select the addresses for the account. You can also enter a new address for the account. In the Account Addresses dialog box, the Premise check box indicates when the address is a premises.

    Good Standing

    Select this check box to indicate when the account is centrally blocked and certain activities cannot be performed for it. This field is not the same as the status of the account.


    Select other names for the account. This field allows you to refer to accounts (and their sites) in the way that you prefer. For example, an account named A/B Products, Inc., might have the following synonyms: AB, A/B, and AB Products.

    When you search for an account or enter an account in another part of Siebel Energy, you can use a synonym instead of the actual name.

    Lock Assignment

    Select this check box if you do not want Assignment Manager to run for the account. If you do not select this check box, then Assignment Manager can reassign the account to another team according to the account territory. For example, if you want to allow the same account manager to handle a commercial account with three different locations, then even though two of the locations are in another account manager's territory, do not select this check box.

Adding Addresses to an Account

You can add multiple addresses to account records. These addresses are used in various ways in your Siebel application, such as specifying bill destinations in billing profiles that are associated with the account. You can designate different types of addresses, with different start and end dates for each address. For example, you can designate seasonal and temporary addresses that are valid between specific dates.

To add addresses to an account

  1. Navigate to the Accounts screen, then the Accounts List view.
  2. Drill down on the name of the account.
  3. Click the Addresses view tab.
  4. For each address, add a new record, and complete the fields, as necessary.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Select this check box to indicate the address is the primary address for the account. This address record populates the visible address fields that appear in the primary account record and the account header.


    Select this check box to indicate that the address is active and available for selection in account records.


    Select the type of address. This field categorizes the address for various account management functions. Values include Bill To, Ship To, Pay To, Pay From, Legal Entity, Billing Address, Mailing Address, Seasonal, and Temporary.

    Start Date

    Select the start date for the address.

    End Date

    Select the end date for the address.

    The Start Date and End Date fields are required for addresses with values of Seasonal and Temporary in the Type field. Seasonal addresses define alternate, seasonal billing addresses in the integration of Siebel Energy with Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing. For more information, see Customer Data Mapping from Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing to Siebel Energy.

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