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SwapAssetEntitlements Method

SwapAssetEntitlements swaps asset entitlements. Service activities often include replacing an asset with another asset. When you swap 2 assets, you can individually transfer the entitlements of the removed asset to the installed asset.

For agreements that include entitlements for the removed asset, asset values for the entitlements on the Service Agreement Product business component are updated with the number of the installed asset, replacing the asset number of the removed asset. When this business component is updated, the Asset number (#) field in the Products view in the Entitlements view in the List view of the Agreements screen changes to display the new installed asset.

Asset swaps also transfer any hierarchical relationships from the removed asset to the installed asset. However, if a removed asset is a child asset, then the parent of the removed asset becomes the parent of the installed asset, but the removed asset keeps any of its child assets.

Invoked From

This method is called when a record in the FS Activity Part Movements List Applet (in the Part Tracker view of the Activities screen) includes the following information:

  • A serialized asset.
  • A valid Swap Part Mvmt number (#) value.
  • A check in the Commit check box. You can select this check box by clicking the Commit button.

This method can also be called from Siebel eScript.

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