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Adjusting Inventory for Cycle Counts (End User)

The Variance view shows the differences between the quantity in the Siebel Field Service database and the quantity for a product count. When you click the Adjust button in this view, Siebel Field Service database transactions are created to match the quantity recorded in the Siebel Field Service database with the product count.

These transactions are either the Receive Other type (from the External Location) or the Ship Other type (to the External Location). The Cycle Counting Engine does not validate the quantity or source for the External Location. For more information, see Inventory Locations and About Inventory Transactions.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Cycle Counting.

To adjust inventory for a cycle count

  1. Navigate to the Cycle Counts screen, then the Cycle Count List view
  2. Drill down on the Status field for a selected cycle count, and click the Variance view tab.
  3. Review the results (Original, Count, and Variance fields) of the product count and the counted serial numbers, if applicable.
  4. To adjust the inventory, click Adjust.
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