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Threshold Triggers

A Threshold trigger activates a PM plan when a reading from an asset exceeds a set value. Threshold triggers can occur in response to a change in a binary value. For example, a threshold of 0.5 activates a PM plan when an alarm changes state.

Threshold triggers examine the readings since the most recent PM action. If any completed reading exceeds the lower or upper limit, then the trigger occurs.

Like Usage triggers, Threshold triggers specify an applicable measurement type. The same potential issues and solutions for Usage triggers apply to Threshold triggers. For more information, see Usage Triggers.

Measurements and Readings

You define measurements for products in the Measurements view in the Service Information view in the Products view of the Administration - Product screen. For more information, see Setting Up Use Plans.

The Measurements view of the Assets screen associates measurements from a product with the selected asset. The view allows users to customize the measurements for an asset. For example, a relevant measurement for a copy machine is the number of copies, read from a counter. A relevant measurement for a car is the distance traveled, read from an odometer. A relevant measure for a pump is the oil level, oil, pressure, or temperature, read from gauges. For more information, see Associating Measurement Types with Assets (End User).

The Readings view of the Assets screen allows you to record the readings for specific measurements and specific assets. These readings can act as Usage and Threshold triggers.

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