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Date Committed

Date Committed represents the contractual response period for service. Clicking the Verify button determines the value of the Date Committed field for a service request. The committed date and time are calculated by using the Date Opened field, the response time metric, and the service calendar (schedule hours and exception hours). The result appears in the Date Committed field. The Date Committed field value for the service request populates the Due field for activities in the service request.

The committed time allows the agent either to schedule an event in acceptable time frames, defined by the service calendar, or to tell the customer that a requested event is outside of the service calendar and is therefore billable.

Activities associated with a service request directly (in the Activities view) and indirectly (in the Activity Plans view) inherit the date and time in the Date Committed field.

NOTE:  If the response time metric used to calculate the Date Committed field value is not correctly defined in the Metrics view of the Entitlements screen, then the Date Committed field value is not calculated. For more information, see Adding Metrics for Entitlements (End User).

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