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Managing Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Financial Accounts

The Financial Accounts screen allows you to view the details of a financial account and its related contacts and accounts.

The following are the types of Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking-specific financial accounts that are created in Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking:

  • CASA
  • Retail Deposit
  • Corporate Deposit
  • Loan

Each type of account has related entities such as standing instructions, authorized signatories, and so on, which are maintained in Siebel Finance as VBCs.

The following operations can be performed to synchronize financial account data between Siebel Finance and Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking:

  • When a new financial account is created in Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking, data is sent to Siebel Finance and the financial account is created.
  • The financial account record is updated in Siebel Finance when an individual customer is updated in Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking.
  • You can obtain the latest information for a financial account from Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking, by selecting the Refresh button, located on the More Info view for each category.
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