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Creating a View Template for Dynamic Applets

Creating a view template involves first creating views and applets based on specialized applet classes within Siebel Tools. These views and applets contain placeholder fields. Placeholder fields are applet controls that are not mapped to any particular business component. The views and applets then form the basis of view templates and applet templates. You can use a single view and applet template to create any number of dynamic applets.

Two templates are provided as part of seed data: a view template containing a list applet template, and a view template containing a form applet template. The view templates are named as follows:

  • FINS Dynamic UI Form view. A view template that contains a form applet template.
  • FINS Dynamic UI view. A view template that contains a list applet template.

For more information about creating views and templates within Siebel Tools, see Using Siebel Tools.

When creating dynamic applets in Siebel Tools, note the considerations listed as follows. (Use of the word applet in the following bulleted list refers to applets created in Siebel Tools.)

  • When setting applet class, use:
    • CSSFrameListFADynamicUI for list applets
    • CSSFrameFADynamicUI for form applets
  • If using a preconfigured business component, the applet business component must be FINS Dynamic UI.
  • If you create your own Virtual Business Component (VBC) in Siebel Tools, the business class must be CSSBCVDynamicUI.

    Dynamic Applet supports 20 fields and five currency codes (that is, five types of currency value). In your new VBC, all field names must start with the prefix Field and a number value, (for example, Field0..., Field19). All currency code fields must start with the prefix Currency Code and a number value, (for example, Currency Code0..., Currency Code4).

  • It is recommended that applets based on the same VBC have their corresponding views use a different business object.

Once the views and applets have been created in Siebel Tools, in order to define them as view templates and applet templates, they must be added to the Template Definition view.

To add views and applets to the Template Definition view

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Finance screen, Dynamic Applet Administration view, and then the Template Definition view.
  2. In the Template Definition list, click New, and then enter the view name.
  3. In the Applet Template Definition list, click New, and then enter the applet name.
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