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About Updating Predefined Mapping in the Revenue Import Process

Whenever a display name of a field in the Revenues screen is changed or a new field is added, you must update the mapping in the Revenue Import process.

Updating a Display Name

When a user changes the display name of a list column of the applet, you must also update this new name for the Import Field Column. For example, if a user changes the Revenue Analysis List Applet List Column Upside display name to Best Case, you must make the following changes in Siebel Tools:

Import Object, Revenue, Import Source (In Revenue's case is Default), Import Field Map, find the corresponding field (Upside), Import Field Column, and then change column to Best Case.

Updating a New Field

When a user adds a new field to the Revenue Analysis List Applet, you must also add that field as an Import Field column.

After adding the field to the Revenue Analysis List Applet, add the new field to Import Field Map under the corresponding Import Source. You must also specify the Import Field Column of this field (this is the display name of the list column in the list applet).

NOTE:  Make sure the Import Field Column of the import field is the same as the Display Name of this field in the List Column defined in the List Applet, if you want to first export and then import it.

After making changes in Siebel Tools, you must recompile the SRF file.

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