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Administering Products with Siebel Consumer Goods Handheld Applications

You create products in the Product Administration screen. When you create a new product record, you define, among other things, the Product name, the product line to which it is a part, the parent product to which it might be subordinate, and the unit of measure which will be used to quantify the product.

To create a product record

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen.

    The Products list appears.

  2. Click New, then enter the required information for the new product record.

    The following table defines some of the fields in the Products list.



    Enter the name of the product. The record becomes a hyperlink, which, when clicked, navigates the user to a detail view of the product.

    Part Number

    Enter a part number for the product.


    Choose, from a drop-down list, a type category for the product.


    Enter a text description of the product.

    Product Line

    Click the select button to select a product line from the Product Lines pop-up list.


    Click the select button to chose a parent product to which this product record will belong.


    Click the select button and choose a vendor name from the Pick Vendor pop-up list.


    Unit of Measure. Pick a value for the number of units in a case to allow easier stock taking and ordering.

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