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Creating a MedEd Event in Siebel Medical Handheld

You can create MedEd events directly in Siebel Medical Handheld.

To create a MedEd event

  1. Navigate to the MedEd screen.

    The My Med Ed events list appears.

  2. Tap the New Record button, then complete the necessary fields.

    Some of the fields are described in the following table:



    Enter a name for the event in this field.

    Event ID

    The Event ID field is automatically populated.


    A text field in which you can enter a description of the event objective.

    Start Date

    Date and time that the event starts. Set the time fields before selecting a calendar day.

    End Date

    Date and time that the event ends. Set the time fields before selecting a calendar day.


    The amount of money budgeted for the event.


    A text field where you can enter the location of the event.

    Event Status

    Indicates whether the event is active, cancelled, completed, in progress, inactive, or planned.

    CME Credit

    Number of CME (Continued Medical Education) credits that can be earned at the event.


    The category of medical education event being offered.

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