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Applet Classes for Siebel Medical Handheld

You can create additional screens and views for your Siebel Handheld application. Any new screens and views must be based on classes and business components that are supported for the Siebel Medical Handheld application.

This topic lists the supported applet classes for Siebel Medical Handheld applications:

  • CSSFrameListLSAsset
  • CSSFrameListLSInvLoc
  • CSSFrameListLSInvTxn
  • CSSFrameListLSProdDetail
  • CSSFrameListLSProdHrchy
  • CSSFrameListMedCCAsset
  • CSSFrameListMedCycCntDetail
  • CSSFrameListMedCyclCnt
  • CSSFrameListPMSign
  • CSSFrameLSInvLoc
  • CSSFrameLSPartMove
  • CSSFrameMedCycCntScan


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